MacBook numbers of keyboard do not work anymore ?! What to do?

Silk last night you keys the numbers 3-9 will no longer work. It is jinxed because absolutely everything else works, even the numbers 1 and 2. I think there only times not to a defect, because it came relatively suddenly and coincidentally exactly one number sequence does not work anymore. Already have a restart attempt, did not help. What I can imagine is that I have something with a cloth activated when wiping the keys off the keyboard or something like that ... Because someone knows more or has a similar problem.

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The keyboard can be broken by moisture. If what has Kim051999 proposed does not help you, then it would be to contact the best Apple support. Here the phone number:


Have you ever or so poured water on the keyboard? To examine, go right from a technical defect. Go 0 and ß yet?

Look here if there's something in\_DE

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