Macbook Pro? Buy or still waiting for?

Hey guys,

it is worth the time a Macbook Pro to buy or should I wait because maybe this year anyway come out a new one? Because someone knows maybe what?

Thanks for your help. mfg

The best answer

The current MacBook Pros were indeed in July 2014 minimally updated, with somewhat stronger processors and reduced prices, but originate basically still October 2013. You can leave daruf that later this year new models are coming up so.

When that is exactly the case, of course, remains pure speculation, I type in any event on the first half. The WWDC 2015 in June would be a more likely date for the presentation.

Nevertheless, the current MacBook Pros are fully to empfehlen.wenn you so do not plan to wait with buying a few more months, then you can also confidently now access. But this does not apply to the 13 "model without Retina display, because that dates back from mid-2012 and is too outdated for the price.

When a new MacBook Pro comes out is pure speculation, you can therefore reassured now buy already.

I'd fall to wait unless there is urgent ..

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