Maintenance from the father during training

hey have an urgent question ..

just started an education and earn 800 gross .. my father has not paid me always 500 Euro maintenance and would not have to pay more as soon as possible. Does anyone of you if it is legally correct, if he takes it now, or on how much this could go down?

Many many thanks in advance !!

The best answer

Your training income you must change completely for your own livelihood.
If necessary, You can advance a "training-related allowance" amounting to deduct from 90 EUR EUR to etc to pay them your travel expenses, textbooks ....

You'll be about a net income of 630 euros have.

  • Should you still be a minor, it would be counted against the maintenance of the father half: (630-90) / 2 = 270 Euro less maintenance
    Your father would have to pay to your mother still 230 Euro.
    The other 270 Euro you had to give your mother.
  • Should you be an adult, both your training income and child benefits are "necessary" credited in full to your.
    Only if this can not be completely covered them, you might use the possible difference in the parents demand as maintenance (pro rata according to the proportion of their income each other.

    • So you stood 630 (possibly 540) + 184 = 814 Euro Child Benefit (possibly 724) available
    • If you still live with your mother, your required total income of your parents is calculated. Then you would have to earn at least together about 5000 euros net to you at all pay something must.
    • If you no longer live at home, your needs would be a total of 670 euros, so you would then also not entitled to maintenance more.

if it's your first training, he is definitely dependents for the period of training. However, it is checked whether you "need" are and what is your father's merit. Your father's merit is then checked in the "Düsseldorf Table" how much he must pay you. Are you over but, I think Euro 380.00 "net per month with your income, after certain deductions, then you is to no longer dependent, since you no longer as needy count. However, since the maintenance calculation is already complicated, I would seek by all means a family lawyer to determine if you still entitled to maintenance.

As long as you're still underage, he has to pay more. Then you have to maintenance by both parents demand and because your net training content and your child benefit will be credited. Your requirement is then about 670 euros, 800 euros you had about 635 Euro net, to 184 children money less a standard amount of 90 Euro, then you lie there already over it and you will then be no additional maintenance of your parents more.

The need of an unmarried apprentices without a child is 670 € + 90 € advertising costs. Altogether € 760th

Net salary and child support, if you get this, is because it naturally counted. And only if it still is a difference, the parents must continue to pay maintenance (both!) And indeed pro rata according to their income.

you still living with a parent, it is possible that this will pay nothing because he already kind maintenance is charged (rent, food, etc ... one is over 18 you can but it made that is paid in cash ... then you should of course not be surprised if mom or dad suddenly "rent" want.)

So it is very unlikely that your father still have to pay € 500, wenner wants, he can leave the charge in court.

€ 670 (or so roughly) is the need of young people in training. I try to find times where the stands. The difference would have to carry your father.

But then there still difference whether you are over or under 18 years old.

If it's your first training and you're under 25, it must continue to pay and if you have not worked in between talk properly.

how old are you and this is your first training?

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