make dog license in Hannover

Hello everyone,

my girlfriend and I would like to soon buy a dog and they must therefore make the dog license.

Has someone a tip, where you can do in Hannover comparatively low the dog license?

Thank you once :-)

The best answer

where you can do in Hannover comparatively low the dog license?

the veterinary, veterinarian or dog school. Would simply rumtelefonieren times and inquire / compare! But I think the Pries of. 200 EUR will be the same everywhere.

the examination is everywhere gleuich teruer - only the preparation courses cost different.

Ask to talk to:

The can and what are usually not so expensive


a good friend has provided Sachkundenachweis recently. The cost was 17.21 euros.



In almost every veterinarian and in any better Hundeschule

easy to vet (:

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