make driving with 3 points?

Hello, my mother (32) scored 3 points in a bike accident. You hatt read if you have 3 points can do for the next 10 years no driving license? Is that correct ? Or do you need more points? Or apply the points only go for the bike?

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Is that correct ?


Or do you need more points?

From 8 points, the authority would have a positive MPU your mother calling for obtaining a license.

Depending on circumstances such as the 3 points of your mother were achieved, this may be the case even now, for example, if your mother more than 1.6 per mille was in the bicycle accident.

I'm heir not sure, but if you did not have a car driving license before the accident, the points but can not deny their fitness to drive for cars? Would simply ask again at the driving school. Is safer.


When I read the law correctly: No.


(3) is issued a license, points before grant have become final on infringements can no longer be taken into account. These points will be deleted.

If your mother so both the theoretical and the practical test with the old points are deleted.

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