make Jealous or leave it?

Hey, so written shortly. Have currently with an Internet acquaintance radio silence. She told me that she had no feelings more and only wants friendship. I think it did not work I'm her at once matter (she has ever said something like that, when we had stress). Should I try to make her jealous with, for example, a heart or something in the state? Will so see if she still has feelings for me. What do you think?

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That will go 10000000% back :) I do another picture this .. Hope you can enlarge it. That what it says is a fact.

ouhhh at girl draws something not believe me, although they may be jealous but rather they will laugh at you and you anyway not write (experience), I find guys make jealous is so much easier;) ... so I würds let aufjedenfall and they just write times so and show concern, that we might much rather

Opening it Just depends. If she wants something from you, they will send you already speak the truth. If she says no, she does not deserve you;)

Forget Internet acquaintances, come to Real Life.

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