make room? White / colorful / carpet / dog?

I renovate my room and need time tips what kind of soil should I use and how I relate to my sleeping bag.

There are so pvc the siht like Pakett and has so a few things so imprinted crest or signature that will look like the timber of wine bottle, so that the soil siht good? I can imagine something not good to me.

I get pvc and am not sure if I should rather take dark wood / light gray wood or irgentwas white. (Or something else? Imitation wood or single color or patterned?) The sofa is currently dark blue on the seat surface and blue with colorful patterns on the rest.

My room is 4 × 4 meters and the walls are white tracks on 2 wallpaper is a big green cirrus it in is a bit purple. Desk and shelf light wood. Cabinet I build itself and is white and the doors and drawers of the cabinet I will paste with various colorful wallpapers. The cabinet is rather low for wide and you can stand it, it is a carpet (cabinet is 1m x 2m). And my television. And I love these rugs are quite fluffy and quite long have broadsheet. What are the names and it makes sense I something as small rug to hollow if my dog ​​offt in my room is? (Kriegt man the clean again?)

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Dogs feel most comfortable on carpet otherwise a carpet

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