Make-Up against pimple or what you do not get pimples


Since I have a very very problem skin I use for a long time no make up or tinted day creams oa einfahc of fear that it will be worse ..... as earlier

Nevertheless, I am looking for a make-up or a Toned day cream which you get no pimples alsao the antibacterial (have often heard indeed the make ups and so are nowadays so that one but not get I can tell you I have sowasvon the converse experienced and glaueb sowas nich several with such a worse skin as I nich only pimple since you think otherwise)

Anyway: can someone from experience vllt someone ne problem skin has a tinted day cream empfehelen? Please nich expensive :(

I'd look forward riieeesiig :)

Thank you in advance! :)

The best answer

Have you ever tried the All Matt Plus Catrice? This is highly praised for combination skin and oily skin.

I have not tried it myself (have rather dry skin), but in cosmetics forums, there are many who are very happy with it.

I use L'Oreal Perfect Match and it has no effect on my skin :) Maybe you used a time tester and look how your skin reacts on it. LG

are in the body shop a bb cream or makeup with tea tree oil and this is known for its antibacterial and disinfecting effect

Toothpaste with zinc and fluoride

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