Makes a dog confident?

Hello, I would like to know if I, if I have a dog berthing me then'm more confident? Now please do not say if I will ever know how much work that makes, yes I know! Nevertheless, what dog would make more confident, which race? Or is all this? Zb and the Border Collie? LG

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A dog is a living being and not a push means for self-confidence!

Confidence you get even kickboxing or whatever. But an animal needs love, attention and care. Also please look once after which breed of dog has what character, but self awareness builds the a dog you will find in any.

Please let animals out of the game and do prefer sports or something similar.



A dog strongly both your confidence and your trust as it is a faithful companion of always listening. You have but remember that a dog vieeeel money, effort, and effort costs.

So think well after ...

Because otherwise it again so ends the dog ends at the shelter.



a dog is not there to be your ego / self-confidence to push. There is a living creature that needs a responsible care. And no child has to be the no self-confidence.

To strengthen your self-confidence there are other ways, less labor cost, less responsibility and less time.

Vorallen there are dogs that people be confident not take seriously and ihne rumtanzen them on the nose. And dogs Remember if you are confident or so doing.

Then vorallen Border? These are not beginner dogs.

invest? I do not tend to "set" a dog.

confident? he might guard in any case, consolation give heat and become a very loyal companion. matter what race. mixed race are also very sweet, but really did not think about a to strengthen the self-awareness.

A dog does not increase the self-confidence, which must come from within.

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