Manual for the keyboard-learning (beginner)?

Hello first, someone knows a manual which you can use as a beginner? Since the next music school is 40 km away and we are home schooling can not afford>. <

Is it possible the keyboard is playing itself to acquire, as some say that something is only possible with real teaching and I would like to be here first people talk with more experience and if they had a recommen for me.

The best answer

I've learned Keyboard here with these booklets:

http: // ...

Is a good mix of simple initially, later demanding songs and some music theory. If you pull through all six volumes, you can end up well to a "real" piano playing, there is dispensed gradually to the keyboard's Auto and you learn to play with both hands marks.

I can only recommend so :)

One can the keyboard-playing certainly teach you.

However, I can say from experience that there often errors creep (finger position, fingering etc (I play piano since 1997)). I would learn at least the basics of a professional.

Sometimes there are also good VHS courses which go over a few weeks, where you can learn the basics. Then you have indeed a few weeks go where, but can thereafter be continue.

Youtube? :-) Is certainly a lot to do so.

I wish you success

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