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Hello, So we have a 4years old Katze.Sie is still quite active for her age. We will now define a 2years old bitch. She is adorable and would be in environment of people. We do not know much about them only that they currently have protection organization lives in a family from the. Our cat has with dogs not exactly a big problem which we do not know exactly because it is only chihuahuas come a little closer and it was her practical matter. For larger dogs it is already mindful though the dog is only 30cm tall. Did someone perhaps great ideas could we use when trying to merge the two?

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A cat with 4 years is a youngster, that should be clear to you :-) Cats have a much higher life expectancy than a large dog.

Since she was there first, they will surely creep only times when you bring the dog. You will avoid the risk of the road.

Depending on how high the risk is real for them, they will also withdraw completely. You can try the two to get used to each other, a guarantee does not exist, however. not Expect understanding on the part of the dog and cat.

Did someone perhaps great ideas could we use when trying to merge the two?

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Unfortunately this works but not always, because dogs and cats are and is best understood when they grow up together natural enemies!

What do you mean your cat is 4 years old and still very active for her age to be 15 years old

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