Mate is in love with me! ,

So first Hello dear community :). My problem is that my buddy me over and over again his love confesses ... but I always have to give him a basket, which is really uncomfortable in the long run. By now I've really afraid to disappoint him ... that's why I avoid meanwhile any contact .., but thus I miss him too, since he's actually one of my best friends. Does anyone know how I can solve the problem?

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As I said simply break contact and forget it as a situation I had, now goes with me but if you keep going to stay in contact with him not fool him what although he scored a basket from you so that is any contact avoid so sorry it I'm mean, he must sometimes understand loving greetings cocchannell :)

Is with me as well. I just said that but I do not want him as my buddy. Well for me it worked.

I see only that you have created you the problem yourself! Just out (with the risk of hurting someone) will save you unnecessary grief and sorrow

If you have been told repeatedly clear that neither now nor in the medium term which will be with you and nothing else occurs to you to make him understand that - then I see no way.

Say klip and clear that you do not love him him. That you were buddies can but you do not love him

cancel contact

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