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What is in mathematics under an equivalence transformation? Please specify a short sentence Thanks in advance :)

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Forming an equation.

Equivalence is Gleichwertikeit. An equation is reshaped so that their equivalence (equality) is retained. Example 3 + 5 = 8 If I add on both sides 2, I get 3 + 5 +2 = 8 +2 In both cases, the left and right is the same, so I have reshaped equivalent. Each transformation which can exist the equal sign in the middle, is an equivalence transformation. Such transformations can be naturally also be applied to inequalities. Example 2 <3 If I will add on both sides 2, I get 2 + 2 <3 + 2, ie 4 <5. In this equivalence transformation remains the <characters in the middle.

A Ä. is the transformation of an equation / a statement, in such a way that both equations / statements have the same amount of solution.

If you have for example the equation:

2x + 12 = 16 / -12

2x = 4

That you have the 12 brought to the other side is an equivalence transformation;)

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