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Hab ne short question about an assignment, it reads: "In a plane are 5 points, 3 of which are collinear; How many lines can be drawn through these points"

I'm doing just not the solution, even if it were for post-release control well, but rather the approach how I approach this task and solve.

Would help me a lot, thank you!

The best answer

I'd definitely make a sketch. This is important: Just three points lie on one line.

Let's say these are the Puntke A, B and C. Then D and E lie somewhere outside of this line ABC. Important: D and E may in turn are neither A nor B nor C on a straight line, otherwise the would indeed be collinear.

And now it is called by include:

From D from there depending from a straight line with A, B or C, as e. Then the line ABC. Finally, DE.

Important ie: systematically tackle the whole thing.

My solution is the way identical to that of stekum.


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