Maximum age gliding training?

I have always been for gliding but never had time for it interesting (or they me not made). As a youth in East Germany, I was not allowed. Now I'm 59 and have more soon time. Is it possible and it makes sense at this age also qualified as a glider pilot to do? If so, is there an age limit for flying ansich? Where could you possibly such training (Saxony) do?

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Minimum age for glider license is 17 years, there is no upper limit. The training can be done at each airfield normally. Search Contact the nearest airport in your area. Http://

As long as you are fit, you fly in the situation feel and the flight surgeon you issue a medical, you can fly. At 60, there is nothing to do with the fly. You just have to just deal with it, that even the 14, year better and already 16 years are certificate holders :)

It makes perfect sense, when it had long been your desire, but circumstances did not allow it. A final age there are not, know students and also just finished become Segelflugzeuführer who only started with 66 or 67 years. The flight surgeon only needs to play, because 65 you must by it each year the so-called medical get to be allowed to fly alone. Also 1000 km glider pilots are over 80 years old. So get.

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