may dismiss a dying man?

My grandfather is almost dying. It is his greatest wish home or to go to the nursing home, but the hospital says that they can not dismiss him because probably inflammatory values ​​are too high, etc. My question is whether jmd knows how the legal situation in such a case is, can such a thing not just as a last mal.erfüllen sake? Is there no "? Loophole" the doctors have said there is hope more: / knows because of jmd?

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Since you do not need loophole. As long as your grandpa is not incapacitated, he can decide for themselves. He may dismiss itself. Only in acute life-threatening illnesses / injuries can be treated against his will when police or doctor believes that the patient can no longer decide for themselves.

In your case, but that is certainly not so!

Yes, the last will whatâ you meet him .. No person may, another force people to do something or not do. Not even doctors! .. Take it easy with after Hause.Es is his WILLE..Dafür it needs no paragraphs

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