May he me? he or interest xd

So, I am a long time in love with a boy from my class, he is actually very kind to me! Eg if we have to make girls / guys partner work, he always wants to work with me even if he does not sit next to me, he'hat up jz 2x with boys about "quarreled" who should sit next to me xd or he stands / sits really often next to me, and so on stairs, corridors .... Or when we had to plan an afternoon at school yesterday he was just in the classroom where I & were my friend and he had to prop where be otherwise. D he has times made as if he "ran against me is" (extra course xd) and when I had to wait for a friend at the door, he's just walked in with his friend also, and xd waited with me at the door

Long text, short, he likes me he or interest?

The best answer

It looks at least look as if he has interest in you, talk it out with him and compatible you with him to a meeting ... LG Pummelweib :-)

Looks like it! If what you're describing so :) you write well? Maybe you can him even once due to some extraneous write and it develops a conversation or it is routine that you write? :) Then he can even get to know you and there is a chance that he asks times if you want to do what he :) finds you definitely cool and nice, because it would otherwise he would stay away! :) Good Glück︝

Jupp he has. A guy who has no interest would all do not want to do, anyway ;-)

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