May I a dog, if he has no collar or something, just take?


I am gejoogt earlier and was, therefore, in the forest, then suddenly came towards me a dog. But he had no collar or something to!

He would have me repays better than on the street!

Thanks for your help !

The best answer

He would have me repays better than on the street!

just keep would embezzlement. You should call the shelter and give where the dog around strays Or you bring the dog to the shelter. The dog will be perhaps Ausgebüxt somewhere and the owners are looking for him.

If the dog is microchipped and registered on the register, the owner can be made and agreed locate!

You can let you mark as an interested party, no owner should be determined, you have a chance to get him.


So I had received a total of three dogs Fund until now, all three it was so, I called the police and reported the discovery and location. In all three cases I was asked by the police if they pick up the dog and to spend to a shelter or whether the dog can only times remain with me. All three dogs were picked up within 24 hours with me by the owner.

If you have an interest to keep the dog, I would offer the police that he can stay with you until the owner logs. Logs on anyone after 6 months, the dog goes into your possession.

If you want to keep the dog under any circumstances or can, I would agree with the police the same as long as you can the "lost property" maximum custody. So you do not stay sitting on the Fund dog.

You can take him, but have to report it as a fund animal when it detects Office / Police and if necessary, also at Tirheim, municipal animal shelters take in animals often find the task of the Fund offices. Just do not keep you darst so an animal that would fund embezzlement - and when the dog is Ausgebüxt somewhere, which can be assumed, it will certainly already missed and wanted by its owners.

Imagine your dog runs away and someone takes it easy and you have no chance of getting it back. Nasty thing, something.

Hello, if no support is nearby and also after some time no one shows up, I would take the dog before it is run over or shot by hunters. I would take care of him first and feed, then contact the nearest animal shelter and the competent nearest police station. Thus you have your responsibilities been satisfied - could still turn a newspaper ad or leaflets unhook ... But in my opinion, if the holder cares about the dog and he wants him back, he will inform the TH and the police ... Unfortunately there are also always cases where dogs being abandoned or driven away ... I wish you and the dog that you stay together - my feeling tells me that the fit - there are no coincidences ... Happy for you 2! :) Greeting elsie,

I would take him to the shelter when not receive one, and he is in good condition, so he no krankheitenhat you it indeed adopt. so I would do it.

Hope I could help LG =)

You may think it I take, but you have to report it as found. Most dogs are chipped anyway

What you must, is to take the dog and give the animal shelter so that its owner has a chance to find it. Assuming he has not been suspended.

First inquire you with people nearby, whether the dog anyone knows, you're certainly not the only one who has seen him.

Because where I live (the country, Austria.) Is something quite often that dogs walk around sometimes alone, even when I was walking with my 2 Collarless dogs are Ausgebüxt (who were friendly to happiness) and are simply gone with us. They then went later by itself home. :)

What should you do then, others have already written.

Hello, with a strange dog I would be careful. Especially when it is greater. In Germany, all dog who incidentally transplanted a chip in the skin behind the ear. On all data of the dog are stored (owner, name, etc.). A veterinarian or animal shelters can read this chip and so identify the holder. I would inform the police. You then take care of everything.

If the dog can easily take so he probably heard someone. So I would take him to the shelter.

If he belongs to no one, but only a strays is, but you should certainly let the fingers thereof.

So: No, never easy to take home!

I would give off an animal shelter. Perhaps logs there a

Maybe the dog just took off from home and its owners look for him? Street dogs are relatively rare with us, it is more likely that he will be missed or been suspended. Since you do not know it, you have to report the shelter it necessarily. The can the chip (if available) to read and publish a picture of the animal on the homepage. You can do it but keep not so simple. Imagine that the owners look for it and do not know where he is. It can happen at any time that a dog runs away, when the garden was not well secured. If you just give him take without someone communication, you make yourself liable to prosecution! But looking away is not good either. Call the nearest animal shelter or animal rescue that can tell you exactly what you should do!

Since animals are considered "things", you must the dog as a Fundgegegenstand treatable, dh proposed him. Because the lost property office can not accept animals, you must report the dog on the lost property office, but hand it in at the shelter.

One "must" the dog trying to hold ... (so he can not and endanger anyone) ...

Then you call the best right from the mobile phone the police, but at the latest from home and reported the dog as a "found object" - to give you as accurately as possible the location and time of ...

The police will pick up the dog and bring to the shelter ...

Only after consultation with the police or the shelter staff, the dog must remain on your wish with you - it is not yours !!! ... the true owner can pick up with you it anytime !!!

Bring the dog to the shelter. Anything else would be stolen.

No! He is a "lost property" and you give him the shelter or the police!

Di allowed to take it and bring to the shelter. just because a dog running around times without collar it is not that he has no owner.

May I take you if you're wearing no collar?

Greetings Lord

I would not take him, who knows what he he has everything for diseases! I'd a shelter or as they call to take him

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