May I a Schreckschusspistole own without ws


Can I buy a stun gun and possess no firearms license. I live in an apartment building, I can keep it at home, because many burglars go. And can I take it to Cyprus ('ll fly)

Thanks MFG

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For the apartment or own land there are certainly more effective means. Huge pepper sprays that spray a jet with 400 ml tank, for example.

Blank guns only look dangerous and often malfunction. For enclosed spaces eh not recommended. If one knows very well, it has to do with an attacker and is very secure in his actions, then maybe it makes sense. Panic secure these parts are not therefore.

Buy one may alarm weapons from 18. In the public performing with kl. WS.

From 18 years you may have. If you want to lead them ready to shoot outside of your plot / apartment, you need the so-called. Small arms license.

In the plane, of course you must not take with and into another country certainly not. Is it to be expected burglars in Cyprus?


Yes, but it does not help against burglars. The burglar knows that it is there, you do not. If the burglar assumes you're being armed to arm, so he has the advantage.

Definitely No, unless you want this cute place to stay to get to know with full board.

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