May I be a teacher after school because I looked out the window?

So now I'm in the eighth grade of junior high school and we have a relatively strict teacher as soon as they come into the classroom, she is looking for reasons to something rumzumotzen this time has me caught And arrived in the class we need every time up when wiruns welcome what I have already done it but forwards out even a private conversation with a student. I have heard outside yelling on the playground someone loudly so I've just turned to the window to see what's going on is I've seen so I again turned me to the blackboard and we begrü us nothing? T after we sat down she said to me you're not just paying attention and looked out the window you get time on Thursday in the 7.Stunde for detention.

Please spare me answer as you hate it then well deserved because that is definitely not so because this was not an isolated case.

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Hello delenaaa,

times provided that your view is correct: There seems to have caught her an ancient authoritarian teacher.


You tell your teacher, "I'm happy, but they know that they need to notify my parents prior written!"

You turn then immediately your parents. You are the teacher (in writing!) Draw attention to the relevant provisions of the School Rules (text below Copy) and ask for a written opinion, with which point the school regulations founded the teacher "detention", or make an appointment - a copy to the school management !

there to detention only a single point in the school rules (here NW, the other federal states you'd have to google), and I do not think the teacher can rely on:

B ASS 12 -. 01 No. 2 General Rules (ASchO) in the version published on 25 June 2002 as amended by Decree of 8 April 2003 (SGV NRW 223rd.)

IV. Secti dd / corrective and disciplinary measures

§ 13 Disciplinary action

...... (2) Taking into account educational principles the teacher or the teacher on their own responsibility to choose the means of education, which the situation and the age and personality of the student or the student is most suited.

(3) The educational effects include in particular ....... that rework n supervised by prior notification of guardians, ........

Go to detention and was mega happy they smile at undso tell glad gutteeen noon and froooh bye and they will think Wtf was now no penalty hope you know what I mean;)

It must not be in detention without informing your parents! And you can easily 2tens in school management (Rector / in) complain that this teacher treats you unfairly

You speak very out of the victim role.

If it really were so, as you say, it's not a crime to contact the parents' or principals.

Just go not go. But their explanatory that before. If she drags you to the Rector then him explaining that too.

well, maybe know after or during detention that yes something good and you will learn here NEN new boyfriend

I vestehe you too well .. unfortunately do teacher so .... so my German teacher ... they just pimped and hates everyone from my class ... few people will net her displaced in spite of all learning ... LG

Unfortunately I do not know how it is in Germany, in Austria it is, however, prohibited if it does this without the parents to inform

I do not see why this should be prohibited?

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