May I take a dog in the dm?

Hello has the same shop but does not know whether the dog with pure must .. White also equal to how expensive the bus for a dog?

The best answer

in the DM market you must definitely NOT dog with reinnehmen that you have a leash outside ..... The bus / train ticket for the dog costs usually per child = half the adult price ....

No, he must be leashed before Drugstore.

Outside there is often a chop ... Half price is normal for a dog, unless he sits in a basket.

That depends on the dog:

1. Size: up to a volume of 8,000 cm a dog is still considered the subject and must therefore be carried.

2. practice: Once the dog is able, controlled to do his business, he belongs to the category "civilized creatures" of the German animal rights and must each shop (with exceptions, wherein DM does not belong) to enter.

If the access is still denied, I would ask simply times the Ministry of German animal rights that help ensure continued also.

How much is a ticket for the dog, is communal different!

Dogs may in no business!

Keep the dog. There are hygiene products and food. Since dogs have no business.

in your most stores Dogs are not allowed. Just imagine, because you suddenly comes so contrary a big dog! In our little Yorkshire terrier but never one has said what.

Costs are usually so in the fare for a child.

you must take it with pure if you have him on the arm ........

So I have already taken a small dog with pure, but left him on the arm.

No one said anything.

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