May I THIS game Let's Playn?


assumes that: I myself have my own games that I wanted Lets Playn purchased ALWAYS without exception. Had always in mind that I can prove everything if times one always asks.

Now I have received from 'a buddy 2 Steam games cracked and the thought that I the times Let's Playn should. I must not it?

Buy That would be no problem, each game costs € 15, but have 30 € or not have: D

Did not develop prior criminal activity and therefore wanted to ask times easy. Thanks in advance: D

The best answer

You can not, strictly speaking times purchased games "Let's Playen" and publish. because the games are protected by copyright and you had to ask even the rights holder to obtain a permit.

At Lets Plays no one controls a license ... Aaaber you can not monetize it.

Can it accommodate quiet, I do not think that is now so heavily controlled. Since one needs to have in order to recognize whether you have cracked the game more :)

When Let`s Playen not checked your license :)

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