May one video where one is even above and other STRANGE also on YT?

Question is above. The law should be for AUSTRIA. So whether in east. allowed is? Vlogen means that filming themselves while man reported the day, what you have before or straight makes, and this then puts on YouTube. But in a city other foreign people are filmed ... we must put into the internet then something? YT = Youtube If you find something please WITH LINK, otherwise I can not even take as truth: / Thanks :)

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You can video with people make in the background, but they may not be in the foreground. DH: If you do like the dome and in the background are people on talk etc is Okay. However, if you tug them from the camera you have to have to upload it consent. At discos etc domestic authority applies = Conditions and since it is then, depending on the other, the GTC is obftmals on the back of tickets.


Source: WBS (Wildebeuger Solmecke) law firm.

I think this is legal. You can also not anyone ask if she wants to. Unless you unaware're photographing the people (without their connivance) does that a believer clear: D

It is legal as long as you stay in the foreground and not the person for genauers google but Austrian Code

If you film yourself, and other people here do not care, so do not affect the video, and the video would be the same without these people, it's legal.

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