may refuse the tester ment executor modified tester ment

There are two tester elements both of which were also opened. The youngest is a change on the tester ment copy. There is a notebook with a thumb to change. It has been clearly written by the decedent and also opened. Can the tester ment executor the validity reject?

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Here the legislation is very clear - it is always the youngest Testament. If handwritten amendments on this date, which is also recognized. lg Lilo

The validity of a will can always be disputed. The rejection must of course be justified. Then A court on the validity of the will. Against the court decision there is an appeal. It can be a very time-consuming court proceedings and legal costs can be very high (depending on the amount in dispute, in this case probably value the heritage).

a testament must always be completely handwritten. therefore, a copy is (hardly handwritten, photocopied but) not the requirements justice, even if a change was handwritten written by the decedent on this copy. since the executor's right. if in doubt, would have a of estate or decide civil court.

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