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I have a problem with my miner craft server ... I have a stone old pc with 2x2.51 ghz and 3:25 gb ram've set everything to tutorial but it does not ... Could it be because this is my internet slow ??? (Does not work on my laptop in the network) ps the console is not displayed I always watch my errors in the logs on, I will soon have a log respond as antwot with the server ip sry if there is already the question my leaves internet momental very little to ... The server did not work earlier

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The Minecraftserver.exe has a bug since version 1.7.x. Therefore please use the MinecraftServer.jar - so should work 7 super server with installed Java ... then release the port 25565 in your router and you can up the whole world to the address that you at http: //www.wieistmeineip .com appears reach. You yourself connectet on

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