Me and my twin sister are often confused with my cousins

Hi folks, I, Jana (12years) have an identical twin sister named Joan, with whom I mostly understand me very well. But Lately, it often comes to controversy, because we are not only among themselves but also with our cousins ​​confused. The reason is that our mother is an identical twin herself and her sister married the cousin of my father. My cousins ​​are also identical twins but have three of a kind brother. We also have all the same birthday and our names all begin with "J" on. My cousin called Jonas and my cousins ​​Jessica and Jasmine. So my Sis and I are often confused with our cousins. A few of my classmates still can not keep us apart even though we are now already 3 years in the same class and the teachers sometimes can not distinguish us what really is not a problem but as we sometimes do not write so good grades it's just stupid when the teacher my cousin are the Schulaufgabe my sister and she has a. 4 The other day there was again such a situation where someone thought my cousin was my twin sister. Jasmin and I were shopping together in a shop and when we wanted to pay we had the saleswoman a twin discount. It then has something lasted until we had explained the vendor that we are cousins. Can you give me perhaps give a few tips on how to differentiate ourselves better?

I appreciate any helpful answer.

lg Jana & Johanna Jonas & Jessica & Jasmin

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Agree you in a very special, specific color for each, which then uses none of the other and may use. Created you - as a business card - a card, what are you all five especially stands and behind your name the corresponding color shows what you are to be distinguished. (You can but with a computer and color printer deal?) Can write on the cards at will even more, such as Händienummer, etc. Since you certainly have ideas.

Then always carries something about you to your color, that goes from the shoes on the nail polish, lipstick, etc. up to a bow in her hair. Each of the now confused you, the give you just a little card with your color, it calls your color and indicates which garment today Eure is very special color. The first you can train yourself among you, but it is very, very important that you perform it so, otherwise the others will not notice your colors. To ensure that your training your friends to pay attention to what you where wearing what color. And for you is to find out a daily fun, what you will wear in your color on the body.

But be ye not please be surprised if the color then becomes your nickname. So who wears black gets safely away quickly the name "Blacky". This you must see a positive, because then you achieve something that you would like: the address with your individual name and without confusion, even if it is a nickname. But the will solidify with the person.

In class, when you sit visible invisible together in a row (I find in your appearance already in common towards the teacher), then you bind on the upper arm of the teaching time in each case a band with your color. So according to the oldies song

"Tie a Yellow Ribbon 'round the Old Oak Tree". (Who want more can googling the title)

Although the song has a different meaning in content, but but the yellow ribbon to the new arrival also be welcome signal. You can with a different ribbon also your environment Eure distinction joy and desire signal, not to be confused you. For further questions you can sign up again.

sigh sigh I think there help only nameplates XD no joke you can you search for other "identifying" as bracelets or chains ^^

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