Medic in the army! Functions and duties

I wanted to ask if you will medic in the army and committed for 17 years. What are your duties and responsibilities abroad or here in Germany? Going abroad also on patrol? Thanks for answers

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Obligations are of every soldier and officer's. The duties of a SanOffz are far-reaching, depending on use are SanOffz example in hospital use, but also outdoor uses are possible. In use, there are also multiple use areas in the warehouse treat the injured in the BAT as SanOffz, etc.

Yes, it is partly also on patrol. You want the real thing quite happy just to have a doctor on site. :)

What is the worst case means to be medics, you can learn by looking times googelst the support of the Cross of Honour of the Bundeswehr for bravery. One of those was namely paramedics, has fought with the weapon to a wounded comrade and saved him. It was a matter of so badly injured that he lost his eyesight.

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