Medical studies very hard?

Hi I wanted to ask whether a medical school is very difficult. I have great at sports medicine interest, but as far as I know has a normal medical studies successfully complete in order to then be Specialist. I was and am not the best at school. Can I perhaps give someone information if it is really so extremely hard as always tell all? And society an "average person" or the yet heard dan a bit more IQ that? Thanks in advance! :)

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For study medicine in Germany the so-called numerus clausus applies, ie the grade point average, which is fixed each year and determines which grade point average must have high school graduates to be able to at all apply to the university to study medicine can. Currently this numerus clausus is for Germany at under 2 (in some cities even at 1.0), ie you have a grade point average of 1, ... have.

If you have a grade point average lower, but all is not lost, because you can quite reach his goal via a foreign medical school. For example it is in Hungary (but also in other European countries) also entirely possible to complete a German-language medical studies, when you ... has a GPA of. 3

The fact is that a medical degree there an experience in itself and not for people who are not able to acquire knowledge in independent work.

But there are also quite similar professions for which no medical degree is required, which should not work with the medical school.

I recommend you, you turn to the Berufsinformationszentrum your competent labor office. There you can you in a free personal meeting quite say what all is required to study medicine and what's otherwise still for career opportunities for you.

I wish you all the best!

Hey so what nobody has mentioned here, is that you can even without a Abi 1.0-1.2 study medicine in DE immediately, because only 20% of the best will be included in some universities, 20% higher than the waiting time and all 60% on the school's own admission procedures. Since the so-called. TMS (test for medical courses) comes into play, you have to pay for the one-time € 70 (which you can also make only once ... is thus how a Abizeugnis for med. Programs). So you can, depending on the university, improve your NC! I suppose as part of this year and hope that I cut the test very well. Myself 'just' a NC of 1.9, but by this TMS, it is possible get in holding even for those with 2.1-2.2 immediately. Furthermore it will have been Kritsch. You'd have you, but signing until next year for it because the deadline has already expired and the TMS always btw. The 07 takes place by 10 May each year.

But let you inform yourself in a university near you or Berufsberatungsstelle. The you can because certainly help better :)

Since a very high NC are for medical studies: 1.0 -1.3 make it anyway only those with the best grades, to get a medical university.

And for the study is also to create.

An average, very industrious man creates that already. It's just very labor intensive.

Just go, what have you to lose big if it should be too hard you yes you can cancel at any time!

Nope. Among the most difficult courses medicine is not one, but you have to learn, so the workload is very high just very much.

Because "... belongs dan but a bit more to IQ ..." And that is a good thing.

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