Mediocrity in training?

Hey, I'm 15 years (M) 180 cm tall and weigh exactly 60.00Kg. The summer is coming soon, I'm not extremely thin but have also not exactly overly much mass, my goal is to live a perfect mediocrity training (Body Transformation for 4 months), by which I mean a good mix between ground and defi, so the I presume was building while defining good. Nutrition plays clearly the biggest Rolle.Mein problem is I'm not in the gym and have only the following items for the home at disposal - 2 dumbbells each 10kg - Power Body Shaper (see picture)

Can anyone since most can train tell me how I?

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With the equipment you have at home, you can not really work well. establish an effective training plan can start to build you mass is pretty heavy there. I would try it in your place simply with Freeletics. Lad you but the app down and buy you the full version. You need this equipment not only your own body weight. I believe that this you can make the best results in short time and under the circumstances.

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