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Hello my dears,

Do you know breeds suitable as a family dog? We currently employ a Beagle. I would be grateful for helpful answers

And is a dog or a bitch better?

The best answer

I've heard that the Labrador should be very good family dog! I even had a German Shepherd, was also really great! The breed is very intelligent and learns very quickly, if the owner does everything right! LG

From what you write, I think a Beagle suits you :) I even get tomorrow my first beagle from a shelter. Beagle are totally loving dogs and an asset for life. Let me tell you nothing, because of which is demanding and need a lot of employment. Which dog do not need this? well some more, some less. Looks definitely love in the Beagle emergency assistance by or at the shelter, because also want this Beagle and be loved! I also hope you have soon a lot of joy to a Beagle !!! Lg

Find out times via the Elo - this is actually THE best family dog.

If you have questions, you can also write to me, I myself as an animal like.

Whether female or male: The question is not easily answered. The bitch is usually easily educable, not marked any tree - but has the "disadvantage" with the heat.

Males are idiosyncratic, need a stronger hand (ie very consistent education - more than a dog). But with appropriate education is very much doable.

Recommended is always a dog school, especially if you own little or no experience with the relationship between man / dog.

you've got already received enough answers. Super cute and cuddly, so it is often bought as Famiieinhund, but in the attitude and education he needs very consistent and sovereign holder. Even the educational work requires a lot of perseverance and consistency to the Beagle also be able to run without a leash. Lots of exercise and employment, such as search work are for a Beagle puppy optimal.Als they can be very stressful, because everything that comes in their snout is also shredded.

So in general, there is no perfect family dog. Each race has its demands on the people. Some are able to meet, the others do not. There are people for whom is also a Weimaraner or a Kangal makes a good pet, but then the circumstances must fit. A Beagle I would not bring me as a beginner. These dogs are hunting dogs and have their own will.

Generally, one can not recommend any race. I would advise the transition to the shelter. Employees can be describe your circumstances and will certainly find the right dog for you.

you are very sparse with your description euerer lebensumstaende - and no -I will not list them all your other answer / ask read!

a beagle is an outspoken hunting dog, whom you whatâ usually never leave for this reason, of the leash ...

The breed descriptions you can easily google

What you want to do with the dog? Do you have experience with dogs? How to be someone always there, working hours, which must first time. Is there enough money? Dogs are really expensive.

It would be almost negligent to recommend you a dog without knowing anything of you.

Just as much a Beagle looks cute in my eyes but nothing for beginners.

a beagel is a cultured on drives looking dog, so an outspoken hunting THUND which is to let the gas go victorious hardly leash from the constantly and also with the nose on the earth. if you like the. I think kaum--

let yourselves be fooled by its super beautiful eyes NOT. your mother would come very schenll adjoin her, with such a dog. wherein a dobi also is not easy. but very different to handle. gassiezeiten your are for this race and for each other just too little or just about 90 minutes a day should -As long as a single gasssierunde Being especially when beagel. So so three times 1 hour should ma n wi th a younger dog ever go, and your smaller sibling you outside since before leave, questioned then come only your mother and you, as the small can not with dog run under 14 years, without accompaniment of adult, which indeed is apt .and wärem a eh going beagel grown at!

you have no hundeerfahtrung because you still child were to times of dobi and your parents have the responsibility and the supervision and not you. you were to cuddle and snuggle since. sees today probably different, but therefore you belong to the beginners. besides that, you have an education begin in the foreseeable future, so during the day are no longer at home. mother would be alone for the dog verantwortlch and responsible when it comes to gassi round and also the additional employment. I think about it is not really in klaren--

the beagel should not be kept alone actually, because he is a rebellious dog. but now is not to buy on di e idee son mischlingbeagel that are torturous breed even if they no longer look like, because dogs are mated, the total under squinting diche claims have peace of motion and.

I would your mother and euchmal advise unzusehen you really times more animal-homes used in three - there is certainly a knopfauge doing that also your mother opens the heart and does not have such a huge hunting operation - which does not say that they still kerlchen with the should run 3 hours amtag, but that would be more of a relaxed walk along and not beagel ahead and mother afterwards :-)

that alone can must be trained - the fängtmit few seconds and then increases as in the course of a 1/4 to 1/2 year until you can then leave the animal alone long time without getting panic and death fears, leave to become . ichhabe to set a tip. Although that is for puppies but also applies to adult dogs, this can still ganricht.

I would suggest you an adult dog in any case, no --dafür puppies you are simply too inexperienced

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel ... zuckersüße animals.

Labrador is a hammer family dog ​​or hovawart is labi just a bit smaller and simpler than the hovi ... I myself have nen labi and is a hammer dog family (had him since I'm 5) u

If you yourself are too lazy to write sensible descriptions or requirements for us to read ...

Can you read in another question of mine

... Then you get me up even a very simple answer:

YES, I know many breeds and great hybrids suitable as family members.

For New dog owners who love to want to keep a beagle, it should be noted: Beagle are pack dogs and not easy to guide ...

You can always hang times when look Beagle in emergency ...

Each hybrid from the animal shelter is a family dog ​​- provided you have idea of ​​dogs and ihere erziehugn and their colloquial.

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