Mega Evolution of Rayquaza no longer works PO

Hi, I from time to time on Pokémon Online games (ie a simulator on the net) with friends Pokémon Competitive without Uber. Sometimes however, I have to play pleasurable times with Darkrai, so I've created an Uber team with which I play sometimes against random opponents. Now my problem:

I (determined several months) logged me up for a long time back and had to destroy lust with my team Uber Noobs, well my Rayquaza could not develop into a Mega Rayquaza. It can Zenit striker. Anyone know why it can not perform the Mega Evolution? Thank you in advance :)

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I do not ever happened that I the mega stone another team have been a member and I've wondered why it did not go, you're sure that it has the right stone?

otherwise I find nothing a sorry

Because you can and xuy these data play with oras against xuy not own the content goes :-)

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