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Hello, my PC has 12 GB of memory and now only 1.48 GB are free ... why it is so full and how can I be empty it and making sure that my pc is still working? Thanks in advance!

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Hello, I am not a professional and you can therefore only say what I always do. When you call up the Task Manager you can see which programs run. You could, for example a few background close applications. If there voher what process protruding you should turn not delete otherwise errors may occur. (For Windows) Viek luck !!!

The memory can not be "full", it can only be utilized. However, I do not really like you mean, maybe you have only the 32 bit version? This allows only 2Gb RAM.

close RAM-eating programs. If that does not help restart PC. Then, the RAM is empty again.


let you show times all the processes in the task manager and make a screenshot of the processes, which take up the most memory. Then we can let's see what's going on there.


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12 GB! Krass! But you are already sure it is memory or? If that is permanently occupied then have a lot of complex programs running in the background. Go look in the Task Manager and see what's going on so because this is not normal

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