Mental disability Innate or not?

HI @ll My teacher said today that was never innate psychic mental disability but only Organic. Can that be so arbitrarily say I he meant in this way very well even various books has brought out. But until now I daachte always something else.

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I also have a mental disability and am severely disabled to 50 percent - but if you are interested for something you should not a teacher hear you, but to a psychiatrist or psychologist. My psychologist says, mental illnesses and disabilities can be congenital, but have only manifested through life experiences and Schicksallschläge.


So your teacher has not quite right. I work in a psychiatric and make there my education. We have regular mixtures that matter.

Mental impairments may be congenital. This means they are usually only genetically veererbt and are triggered by an impact schiksals odrr terrible childhood or traumas and such things. So they are innate. But just because you have these innate genetics does not mean that they'll ever ausbrichht in life !!! So you can have innate but that it never breaks is simply a höhetrs risk that you get the.

Difference mentally geistg.

Is man mentally handicapped. If one has mostly a duck opment trouble to get there by learning nich well after and is affected in cognitively.

Mentally, however, this people are not cognitively impaired übrrhaupt! They simply halluzinazionen between their psychoses odrr. But they can often live a normal life.

Since he has not quite right; the disposition for later mental illness can certainly inherit; there for depression or bipolar disorder quite familial aggregation.

As your teacher has not quite right. There are mental disabilities, which are innate, that is, the brain has gone wrong in the development. For example, the borderline syndrome.

Mental disabilities are diverse and also quite different in appearance. Therefore, they are innate in some cases, partly a result of physical damage, partly a result of external circumstances.

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