mental illness at cat? urgent help needed!

2 days ago we have the part wall ripped out in the living room and during which our cat Peterle has hidden in the nursery under the bed, which indeed is completely understandable. The problem was that he did not want to come out and not eating. The first few days we thought this is due to the stress, since cats are so sensitive animals anyway, but then he began even to his head kinking right. We are right to the vet, but found nothing and took a blood test, which also had no abnormalities, the only conspicuous was the weight reduction of 100g in exactly one year (which may in indoor cats do not actually happen). The vet injected our Peterle therefore a "cocktail" with all kinds of content, vitamins and antibiotics just. We were so happy, our Peter was again completely normal, at least 4 days. Then it was all over again, the same symptoms. So we're back the next day to the vet, who told him of our presumption that this behavior could have something to do with the apartment changes. He gave Peterle back the syringe and we corticosteroid tablets, dietary supplement and a means of "Feliway" (for socket) with, but helped really does not know. Our cat remained stubbornly under the bed, the dietary supplement we gave him when he still seemed times (most likely in the evening rum). 2 days later we called and described that everything is useless and this meant we should prefetching him off the bed and close the room at the vet. He did not, however, a big difference did not do this, now our cat was in the cave of the cat tree or on the couch, eating anyway. Have now been joined also that he is no longer normal lay, but always put his neck and head complete with on the floor. So we are again to the vet, who, even more bewildered, in another "Cocktail" injected, but this time with Valium, as this was the last way to get a cat to eat. We brought him home and Peterle plunged literally on his food, but in the evening came the rude awakening: he could no longer left to give, but probably this was just a side effect of Valium. It's nice that he finally eats what, but he is all the time mentally absent, moves only when it needs to, lost his curiosity and his game urge not dressing up, is unresponsive and generally does it feel as if he resigned himself. We are really desperate and the vet thinks it would be a purely mental thing, but something you have to but can do ?! If someone has an idea or same experience, we would be very happy if the person sharing his opinion with us. Mfg

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the first would ne second opinion. you have nen second doctor near? because it's been so long so bad it would possibly synonymous ne steady shot in ner clinic ne possibility, since it can also be fed via infusion. that saved me more than once ne cat. head bent .. the ears were examined?

because the 100g I would not make me crazy. who has previously eaten poorly, ie stomach and intestine were nearly empty, but the notice already on the level. NEN speci loses here after 2 days of illness-not eat a kilo as you notice immediately any bones. he has but just as quickly again on it. is always to have spooky son little skeleton in arm ..

wurd times an ultrasound or an X-ray done? reingeguckt in the cat.

Peterle is already 5 years old, just like my Vasya. Buys Cat Sticks, which are meat sticks for cats, are available at Lidl, Aldi, Kaufland etc. and a Vitamintube for cats and cat grass. Gives him less attention, let him in the room and provides as the litter down, eating and drinking. If the water / milk but in a different area than the food in the room, because the love cats. So again to summarize: Let the cat in the room, leave the door 2 ajar (not to be in the room), alternate the litter box in the corner, the food and cat grass in the other and drinking in the last corner. Then shall once the go in the room, the cat likes best, I suppose at times that is you, and give him 1 Cat Stick. He will go mad from it, even if he is not hungry, because there is something inside what all cat's heart beat faster. And give him a still Vitamintube, pressing a little bit out there and let him lick, caress him afterwards or there and make as little noise as possible. Hope could help, good luck with your hangover, sounds really tragic. : <

and the vet thinks it would be a pure mind game

and is right in. Cats (especially pampered and spoiled indoor cats) are psychos.

That settles everything with time.

Do not use too much attention on it: PATIENCE and.

A cat will not starve.

The can survive for 30 days without food without problems.

Is not exactly healthy, but it will not kill.

How old is he? Does he it makes other unusual, z. B. over all go? Cats can namely also be accordingly. Deteriorates because the state your opinion?

Hmm .. as you wrote, he has his lust lost in playing, so I suppose that it was still relatively young ... Maybe cats puberty ??

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