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I'm touching looking for a martial art in which one makes the opponent unable to fight without him, that just by looking or similar While it may sound mystical, but I have seen it several times.

Regards Hypno

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The Japanese master Yanagi Ryuken (柳龍拳) to several martial arts master, including include an undefined traditional unarmed combat system (Koryu jujutsu), Aiki techniques like Kiko (Jap. Qigong).

Through decades of training of Aiki-Master (合気達人) should be able to fend off attackers without contact to könnenund taught this in his school, the "Kiko Kenkyujo" (気功研究所)

In fact, he won with this contactless martial arts über200 Vale Tudo bouts that only a few restrictions Have.

Finally Master Yanagi Ryuken even wrote a prize von5.000 US dollars, for those who could defeat his contactless martial arts.

Iwakura Go, a martial artist of as then a member of "Team Barbosa Japan Jiujitsu" (barbosajapan.com/english) is said to have so-called Brazilian Jiu-Jitsutrainiert, accepted the challenge. According to some sources, he was also practiced in a form of Kyokushin.

The Ergegbnis the fight can be found in the video, which was linked by CSANecromancer:


So you see, the assertions of this master, to defeat by "Ki-force" several attackers, baseless and he disgraced hatsich tidy.

There is to my knowledge, no scientific basis with which such a state "energy attack" plausibly could.

But there are actually techniques in which "fall" people without significant engagement and must be absorbed by helpers.

The whole part however in the area of ​​the show hypnosis and has mittraditioneller martial arts doing nothing.

A street thugs will certainly not wait until you have performed a hypnotic induction. :-)

The is my video of dirverlinkten of Russian Cossack energy masters opinion, the same problem as in the japanischenAiki Master:

There is no plausible explanation why contactless techniques should be something other than hypnosis - or outright fraud.

Can you little bit more about exactly what you mean? Or where for example you see?

Grandparents can sometimes something in dealing with their children

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