Merchandising - what possibilities there are his privacy to protect ie address?

Hey, I have respect. Merchandising a few questions. I lead a public page and bought to give recently a few stickers. Since I am extremely suspicious because all this happening on a personal level I would like to know what I would have given for options related to protect my privacy. My address. (Except that it with me to pick up at parties for example) ^^ Are there statutory regulations, I need my address with write it or enough city (within Germany). I received no direct answer research in this regard in Google so I'll ask here. Especially since me the message from a woman who wrote to me, not just calmed has ^^ ( "Watch who you write your correct address, not any people, you then lie in wait"). I'm at a loss, my friends say do it and my head says "search for another option." What do you think?

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I assume it's about your service with the texts that you are offering on your website? That is, you have already a website for which you want to advertise? Since you have in the case anyway a Legal hold, shall be mentioned in the name, a contact address, phone and e-mail address. If you do not want, you have to set up a company in another address, otherwise nothing. So online marketing requires, or conditionally just that one piece is adopted widely from privacy, I know from personal experience well.

Are you offering because as "bad" to texts that you're "hiding" have? ;-)

I do not know so, what kind of issue it is, but that sounds a bit paranoid.

If you want to avoid the address entry or you can start z. B. a club at another address. But there is much to be observed and provides absolute protection.

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