Merkt my friend that I'm still a virgin?

I'm still a virgin, jz want but soon sleep with my (already experienced friend). I said to him that I am no longer a virgin. When we noted jz sleep together he then iwie on his penis or so the ch still am a virgin?

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Tell him! The first time may (but need not) be painful and bleed a little. Earliest wen you start your face distorting because he hurts knowing it. It is also beneficial for you that he knows it, so he's a little careful. And as many said; There is nothing bad & no reason to be ashamed of yourself, it will certainly be pleased :-)

So I think so because for me it was really difficult at the first time and not after that. But this is different for each! So for me, he would have known: D

A relationship on a lie is a build over schmo idea and you should as quickly as possible just ask!

You have no experience, you have probably still a hymen which may lead to bleeding at the first time and for women is the first time usually less pleasant, but that's all not as dramatic.

Either your friend accepts you as you are, or he does not deserve you, but listen to him something before playing what you're not !!

He can remember it matter if the cuticle breaks, it may bleed in some women. This then falls to him, it just say definitely on :).

Your behavior will tell him. Uncertainty. The tormented face. Virtually no chnace to hide it ..

Of course, is extremely cheap to sleep with a boy if you look at not even dare, this opposite to be honest.

Only so'n little food for thought ...

He could remember it, but vehalten not only through the penis but also yours. Tell him the Warheit that you were too shy satisfied him Warheit, because if he does not know he can also ned correctly af go up (which they always do anyway nice) but it is healthier you tell him

Tell him that you're still a virgin, or he is not careful enough and ran it is quite painful for you. And besides, it will then be pleased to be your first :)

Not really

Just say it! This is for him a lot cooler! He knows there was no one on it and he already has experience

If you're bleeding then he remembers that. It even knows I.

Why do not you tell him just the truth?

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