Middle East conflict? Who's to blame? (If one can speak of guilt?)

I hear a lot but in my opinion, Israel is "innocent" as Palestine. how do you see it?

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1417-1917 was what Israel is today, the Ottoman Empire (Turkey). 1917/18 lost Turk (with Germany and Austria) WW1. It is interesting that Turkey never really big which was against Israel, but until a few years ago a very good cooperation with Israel.

The what is today Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Jordan, was placed under the League of Nations (predecessor of the UN), and the League of Nations granted UK (United Kingdom) a mandate to govern there (to maintain order to exercise the power). Before this mandate has been granted, the British Foreign Balfour declared that a Jewish and an Arab state to be created in this area.

1922 State of Jordan was established (and thus no longer zähllte to "Palestine")

1947 approved by a majority of the UN General Assembly (successor to the League of Nations, thus responsible for this area) for the partition plan of Palestine (in a state where 55% Jews lived and a state where more than 90% arab (Muslims and Christians) lived) (UN resolution 181, simply googling).

The arab in Palestine and most Muslim states (except Iran and Turkey) did not agree with this partition plan. They did not want a Jewish state was established in this area. Therefore raided the Arab States and Israel, as soon as this state had declared its independence (google Revolutionary War). Israel could be area for the most part (except the Old City of Jerusalem, Hebron and Gush Etzion) defend and even extend a bit (for example, the city of Ashkelon and a corridor between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem) in this war.

The West Bank and the Gaza Strip were then annexed by Jordan or Egypt. Both states and apparently the Palestinians themselves then had no interest in an independent "Palestine", as envisaged in the part Lung plan to start.

Then the Arab countries started a few wars with Israel (1956, 1967, 1973), but every time Israel could defend itself against being wiped off the map, as the Arab states wanted.

1967, Israel captured the West Bank, gauze and the Sinai from Jordan or Egypt, with the offer "land for peace", ie as soon as a peace agreement is signed, once the existence of legal guarantees of israel, Israel returns these areas. The response to this offer was only once the triple No Khartoum: the Arabs wanted keinee negotiations, no peace, no existence right for Israel.

1979 put Egypt better of it, and decided, but to schliesssen a peace treaty with Israel. The other Arab states were also very acidic (and bokottierten Egypt), President Sadat, who had this Friends contract closed was not much later shot by an assassin. Nevertheless, the peace came states, the Sinai was returned to Egypt. On Gaza, the Egyptians were then no longer interested.

1994 came the Treaty of Oslo, where Jordan with Israel concluded peace, and a withdrawal from Gaza and West Bank with the establishment of a Palestinian state was planned. Gaza & West Bank were given more autonomy, but before it actually came to the establishment of the Palestinian state rule failed the negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian representatives (I think on the refugee issue). That was the 2000th

2005 Israel withdrew unilaterally from Gaza back, in the hope of peace. Unfortunately, this was no peace because of Gaza increasingly rockets were fired at the cities in Israel. Israel wanted to prevent weapons are delivered to Gaza and insisted on very strict border controls. This is of course for the economy of Gaza is not very good ... and it can not go on and on, sometimes negotiated one, sometimes, sometimes you shoot from Gaza, then Israel has had enough and bombarded Gaza, then rest, then it begins back to...

One gets the Jews given a piece of land in Palestine, because they historically came from that country. But it has failed to set a limit. Thus some Orthodox Jews have chosen a piece of land and a Palestinian drove him, with the remark that there was 2,000 years ago the Grundstüc my forefathers. So it over the years the thing escalates. Ben Gurion once said that we have taken their country, why should they love us?

It seems almost impossible to write a sentence on the subject, without one or the other side is a maximum of evil.

I just wonder if there are other issues where one can experience in this massive form.

Haj Amin al-Husseini was with Adolf Hitler talking to destroy Jews. So long before the state of Israel was ever established. The destruction desire of many Muslims go far in time back, so everything long before the State of Israel.

What we are witnessing now in the Middle East is merely a continuation, since it is known is also in the Koran that one should destroy all Jews. Anti-Semitism (hatred of Jews) see Jews known not only in Israel, but much stronger and interfering in Galut (outside of Israel) which I support every Jew to finally come home to Israel. Nowhere in the world are Jews better protected than in Israel.

The Arab-Israeli issue is not just a continuation, but is spread for the first time worldwide, the world also wants all Jews are finally destroyed. In addition I have only one spell a known rabbi:

Better to Israel hated loved as an Auschwitz from the world of the world.

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