Midsize to Large dog .. What races are really nice and suit a beginner?

Hi The question is almost up .. We want to establish ourselves in the summer of a dog, but have not yet agreed what. Favorites we naturally ..: b Thanks for your help!

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Hello nugget32! :-)

Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder ;-) What a beautiful place, place the other potthässlich ...

Here, the case for a shelter dog, skills, however, are not to be taken quite seriously :-D It's only my contribution to the relaxation of respondents :-)




I can not give you any advice about a race, but I can give you another important advice:

If you have 1-2 races found that you like and where you think that they suit you and you can also meet the needs of the dog, then tried to get to know so many dogs of each breed.

There are now many dogs Forum - almost every race - otherwise in Facebook. There make a call, who lives in the area and you can get to know the dog.

This is really important. Theoretically might fit a particular breed - but also practical?

I have my life long dog. Nevertheless, we were someday again faced with the question - what breed? We cared for the Ridgeback and everything fit theory. We knew also 2-3 dogs. Then I looked through a RR Forum for further and we learned more 7 Ridgeback know. It did not fit! I can not even necessarily say why you - it was a gut feeling.

We investigated further and interested and then for a Saarloos Wolfdog. The race really did not suit us - at least we thought (was so different than anything I previously knew / had). Again we got to know 6. And the same was clear - but it fits. A few months later moved in a puppy. This is now 4.5 years old and we now have a bitch of the same breed at 11 months. It was the best decision of my life. Therefore, I can highly recommend - Meet of the more the better.

Have fun

Golden Retrievers are good for beginners and look beautiful aus.nimm a puppy ^^

I think the first dog may also like to belong to any race. Is Simply drop in a shelter near you and let you with different dogs make known;) Sure, it's always great to have a Schnucki puppy home, but just the need experienced dog owners to optimally prepared for the world to be , Slightly older dogs are there usually more relaxed and not every dog ​​from the shelter has a serious past.

This question can not be answered so if you about you, your interests and preparations to the live nix with dog knows!

in principle I think amn than anfaenger always fry well when ma goes into a tierhiem, there describes his lebensumstaende and possibly in love with a great hundenase!

Whenever I read: "in summer we get a dog" I -Did the gefaeuhlt when the summer is over -Then shall the dogs for many hours alone beliben ... that usually does not work!

You've already got a few answers .... all of which are not really helpful, because no one has asked how the dog should be kept. Where do you live? Town or village? House or flat? Other Pets? There are many steps that have to be overcome for the dog? How long should the dog be alone during the day? How do you want the dog to deal how much time per day is available? Children? How large? Did you visit before an obedience school? If you come from the rent, there is a written permission for dog ownership?

Only if you have answered these questions, you can seriously answer your question!

If you is going too far now I recommend you to visit the shelter there you are also once asked exactly these questions to elicit to which dog might suit you.

Get up to the summer seeeehr viiieeel infos reasonable verahlten DOG GEGENÜBER-- valuable nutrition - about EDUCATION all one has to internalize, and this can not be from one day to morgen-- it will come up repeatedly ask if the dog has but one can ask principled prevent and sicherer-

dog must be no longer than 3-4 hours a day werden-- left alone he prerequisite CAN it, he has to take it as learned- angfänger please NO puppies - which is rearing already complicated and it is enough not just the love alone - can puppies on a one do anything wrong, then what is a lifetime of hard to correct. a dog will cost per month to 100-150, - € long introduction -I do :-)

I can tell you after you have prepared, only advise - go to a animal shelter of your environment or your choice and see you there converted there are enough dogs that were submitted because the holders have died, have separated families, so animals that are not behavioral problems, but simply looking for a new at home - an adult dog is already trained, no longer adolescent and therefore for a afänger easier to händeln-- because if he himself has a little idea.

in the mid-size dogs are plentiful selection (bad word in relation to a creature) and ye shall wundern-- if you: eyes, and put your heart in flames, and it only thinks of this dog, then it is right and the total rassse egqal :-) -but the dog must go the same way, so listen to the staff who have idea and can you well continue help-

if you know what you want to do really good, then goes up to the summer as gassiegänger in your native animal shelter - then you learn not only the handling of different dogs, but it also notes simultaneously, how intense it s I a pet care must- for dogs must go - at every weather situation --egal whether her now like it or not.

have fun with your studying !

Well Schön is in the eye of the beholder, I find my hybrids are the best dogs in the world, while my girlfriend thinks their dog is the most beautiful.

The problem is you can you recommend any breed if you know nothing about your circumstances. There are many races in the size but not all fit anywhere.

One must note what you are willing to do just. if you want to go out on the day only three times through the forest zuschlender, you can forget an aussie.

A mongrel! The are simple and not sensitive. Labradormix I can recommend.

There is no dog that would mention especially beginners suitable.

And then another thing: What did you actually the dog to offer?

What happens "after the summer" with the dog?

Should the dog be then become quickly housebroken? Was he then just used a flash on for hours alone Stay?

In addition also still coming: the beauty of a living being is always in the eye of the beholder.

Without you and your life circumstances to know, can particularly recommend no dog.

I recommend you as a Shih Tzu, poodle or a Jack Russell.

Border.-, Austrailin.-, Husky and Co are highly willing to work, will be the unchallenged which falls by itself a nonsense which dog can do. Not for beginners.

Back to the top always a beagle that are most easy to care for most and forgive small mistakes.

a Labrador .... he is a family dog ​​and very lovable

Australian Sheppard. My clear favorite! Super nice and medium in size.

only a mixed breed from a shelter, because many pedigree dogs are indeed bildschön, but Suited very special and for any beginner.

A Rottweiler! We had one, was 15, and sadly passed away ... But as a loving dog who has really been responding to me all the commands that I have yet seen nochnie! Super lovers, Supernett.

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