Minecraft 1.8 Server Hero Brine without Mod?

Hello! I have a friend a server on which we all agree are (formerly three others still on it, but they are now all banned). Previously we had a different server in the building, wrought sometime several were destroyed and we were not. The destroyed buildings was always lava on the remains. Now we have a new server and that's already happened and none of us was there! Could it be Hero Brine? (We have no mods)

Do you have an idea who it could be?

The best answer

You know you do not seem to minecraft out.
1.Es is no Hero Brine
2.Es is probably a griefers; makes a type of all broken
3.Es can be your friend and want to see your stupid face.

And two questions I have:
1. How long have you played Minecraft, because you nebnt it on a server plugin and not Mods
And 2. Do you have a whitelist; this is because that only her 2 can on it and no other.

And something else:
2. if that happens again, then looks in the console and peeps who it was on the server, if only you were both on it then you're either or your friend.


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