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Good morning community,

my friend and I want to open a server. We need single pair ins. As we connect the server with the "BungeeCord" PlugIn, we need PlugIns go around the whole BungeeCord system to reach all servers. It is important as the first, only the admin chat plugin. This should go around the whole BungeeCord. That's why I wanted to ask if you may have the plug-in with just using seen somewhere once. When it comes you can also other PlugIns link that goes around the BungeeCord system and would be useful. Most importantly to me the Admin chat would therefore be for the time being this link when it comes. Thanks in advance

LG AnasIsPlaying

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hey i'd make server with bukkit and then use the standard plugins write me at times skype to then I can direlfen had in fact already some server

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