Minecraft "Can not conect to server"

We have a server and when I want to connect me stands still can not conect to server. In the other it goes. On server there is I do not have tried to connect with other servers, same result.

A few weeks has all works. already updated Have Java, Mincraft so newly downloaded the .minecraft folder deleted and trying different versions. hatt everything did not work out.

Thanks for any helpful answer.

The best answer

If you have Win 7, go out system control> System and Security> Firewall> Advanced Settings> Outgoing Rules> New Rule> Port> TCP> 443 (Below in certain remote ports)> Connection> Allow name is then no matter

that should do it actually, if net'll ask mojang

Look in the permissions of the firewall and the ports to

LG Fase

where did you the server? maybe he is actually offline ...

Hamachi is meisst the problem as it tunnels to andenen networks ...

Let Hamachi away, then isses much easier ... (and we also try skill if you give us the IP)

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