Minecraft mods can not be opened!

if I minecraft forge download it can not be opened. because I probably any program is missing! Do you have ne solution?

The best answer

There are two versions to install Forge.

1. Manually

Remember invite down no installer, but the pure version of Forge.Dann visiting your .minecraft folder, and then click versions. There you pull into the Forge file.

Then you open your launcher and make yourself a new profile with the version "ReleaseForge ..." which you choose from. This version you start. In .minecraft folder is created the folder "mods" there you move into your mods.

2. Installer

Remember invite down a Forge Installer and start it. This shows you to the place where it stores Forge. This place you do not change better, otherwise either the program does not work (for whatever reason) or Minecraft will not Forge and shows you "ReleaseForge ..." not to. (This step with the profile you have to also make unless created no new Forge profile despite the installer). This profile you recognize dara that there the Forge version (Any numbers separated by dots [with me is es10.13.2.1236] is + Forge.

I hope this has helped you.

PS:. Make sure that you are downloading it for the correct version for the mods ALWAYS (zB.Mod for 1.6.4 is not for the Forge version 1.7.10 You have to make sure that you have installed one of the latest Java versions. because some mods not funtionieren with an old.

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