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I'm putting on an automatic skeleton farm, and now you can you probably think what I plan (we skeleton shot, dropt arrows and with whom the next skeleton is then shot). only now I need a possibility with the dispenser only to shoot when a skeltt front of it and wanted to ask if anyone knows how to do it once.

Thanks in advance, Darck

PS: sorry for spelling errors, I habs hurry;)

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With threads and Tripwire Hooks

Good evening Darck, it is possible with the help of Comandblocks, but it is very complex and complicated.

Search nevertheless times on YouTube you may find even a matching video.

Greetings Kapo

Hey guys just again if interesiert you when a skeleton is shot, it bounces briefly because of the shame, and thus activates the same the next arrow, so you need case harm actually no

still an important further ask this: how do I put this all that I can catch the items below, without the skeltt exactly funnel falls within the?

here again a few pictures as the whole looks

With Mods and Commando units, with ner Vanilla does not go as you schießst on everything

Simply make all Sklette with the aid of water falling into a hole and a) can die from falling damage or b) put a Lava and including a shield and possibly a catcher!

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