Minecraft PlugIn? no longer White on .......

Hello community, have a MinecraftBukkit Server 1.7.2 rented at nitrado.net ..... Well I have this "plug-ins" already installed: -LWC -WorldEdit -WorldGuard -ChairStairs

and well now I downloaded iConomy and it works BUT I can only / money making ..... if I make / money pay (player name) (amount) then I can only do so with OP run (I do not want to all players the server OP make only because transfer)

How are without OP ??

MFG Toni

YouTube = _crossboy LP

The best answer

Hello, it you need to create a Permission plugin or a plugin to groups on your server. You could, for example, Group Manager Essentials use. But you should still tutorials or so watch it and at the Bukkit Dev Pages of the plugin also always be the Permissions for. I hope I could help you :)

I can set it up to you For me give your server ip FTP data and OP Skype: Reonlomoch

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