Minecraft server Bedwars plugin program

Dear Community,

I sit for a long time on my server (to be exact 5 months xD) and searches still a plugin Bedwars. That's why I want to ask you whether a one probably me. one programming could one is of course on my Server Developer or if he would also like to Premium. Although I program even for 1 month but really with minigames I know not from me. I would be happy even if you give me just the "Text" from the plugin can send. Both options would you Premi / Dev wrestled get. If you do not have time you can send me a video simply.

PS: even when a video you would get Premi (no Dev because you have not done it so xD).

Would be very happy about an answer.

LG Simon

The best answer

So, that would be a plugin that you like:


1. I want the rank not 2. once google has brought out:


Maybe it's not what you want, but if you google more and searches should already something come out of it ...

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