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Hey guys, I've got a question last night I've even the Mineraft Port: 25565 Released on the Fritz box with TCP and UDP and au many tutorials looked most sagn I shall omit the IP then I can net joinen got in the firewall au at depth regular TCP and UDP to 25565 released but I can with my ip: www.wieistmeineip.com not draufkommen <--- the IP the stands where is my missing please help thanks

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So, to the ignorance of the User blow here again a guide:

  1. Remember invite from Minecraft.net under Download the MinecraftServer.Jar down, fire up this, as described therein.
  2. the server will start shortly and close immediately. The newly created EULA.txt you execute - change the "false" to "true" ...
  3. then you start again the server ...

Now YOU can already connect - via

here we go to the port forwarding:

Your Internal IP check out by CMD window to:

  • open your you "Start" - "Run" - CMD.exe + Enter
  • in the black Dos window you wearing "ipconfig" + Enter
  • Then come various ads - the IP, but that you need is in IPv4 address ...
  • this you note and give it free in the router for port 25565th

It may be that the internal IP now and then changes, so you have this game may be repeated every few days.

now from joining the IP that you among your friends http://www.wieistmeineip.de displayed get ...

If you should experience problems, feel free to get back ...

Hamachi you do not need and also the Server.Properties you do not need to edit ...

I wish you success

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