Minecraft single player feels like!

I have a very Powerful Pc, much RAM and plenty of memory free. In Minecraft, it never feels like when I'm on servers but as soon as I make a single player game world, it begins to terribly to lagging and I have 21 fps despite Optifine. On servers I usually around 200fps. Why is the Minecraft in single player feels like?

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Just try Minecraft longer assign Ram, perhaps might help! Can also be that you have a world that needs a lot of power

Pressures times simultaneously [Windows key + R] and give in the field: "msinfo32". Then go in the top corner on the File tab, then click Export and save the file under sys.txt.

Then I send the file to the e-mail address: [email protected]

I look then at what I can do

a very Powerful Pc

which hardware is it installed?

Which graphic arte is installed?

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