[Minecraft] Which Version Hero Brine (without mods) as a last resort?

Hi Leude,

[MINECRAFT] I think Hero Brine easy geilo and would like to know in ANY VERSION he shows up as a last resort. PLS does not mention something like mods or anything, I want to see him WITHOUT mods;)))

Answer pls xD

The best answer

Hero Brine has never existed. The rumor was launched by players and Notch took up this spinning and fun made it to attach the note in the official patch notes, Hero Brine had been removed.

Den has never existed. This is only a "myth". Irgendso a hoot that time made in the Beta 1.5 is a live stream and maintains he saw something suddenly in fog. Since the constantly comes the "-removed hero brine" in the update log, because it has so many believed. Others thought that Notch his deceased brother wanted to install with. Notch but had no brother, only a stepbrother. Also times a Hero Brine skin has existed in the textures. But this was not in use in the game.

The bug has been removed. There was this bug but times. he was Caused by the bows of textures in old Texturepackformat. In each version, where the bug occurred it was gefixxt. Since the 1.6 with the new format there is no longer the bug.

There is no Hero Brine without Mod. It was a myth that is not true.

There was never him. He is a legend. In each version though is that it has been removed but there was never him

Den gibts only with mods.

Not at all. In original game, it has never existed.

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