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I have a little problem. It is clear that one is not always satisfied with himself. But with me it is different. Every time I look in the mirror, I see a monster and think, phew,'ve grown fat again, why are you living for? I weigh at the moment 52 kg, with the size of 164 cm. Bin grad in losing weight. Every morning when I finished doing me for the school, that works out to breakfast. Actually, I'm hungry, yes, but when I ate only a little, I feel sick and I regret it immediately and it would throw up the most. When I get dressed or doing my hair, I stand before the mirror. And what I see? A hässliger fat lumps. Then I always start to cry and am afraid to go to school. I'm afraid that stare at me People talk about me and so on. Have also made disbezüglich bad experiences. I mean, do you call someone a reason fat, right? That's why I need to lose weight, yes. But I just do not see any difference. Whether I now weigh 50 kg, 55 kg and 60 kg. I always looked fat. I can no longer easy. Every morning the same brings me to my limits. My parents do not know anything, and I do not want them actually say. At the doctor's I once was because of similar problems. but I had the feeling that he has stamped only as one phase, although that was a really great effort to tell him quite a few things. That's why I'm scared to go to the doctor again, but I do not know what to do otherwise. Why can not I be normal?

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With your weight you're not fat.

You should urgently times a doctor and psychologist seek, with you because it already seems to be morbid, which suggests that you already feel guilty when eating.

You control to a bulimia or anorexia.

You have to learn to take you so and to love yourself as you are.

No one staring at you because you're too fat, that you make a you.

Under Open to please something before it is too late and do not you come out of the vicious circle.

LG Pummelweib :-)

As to your parents and your doctor, here you need proper support.

Sometimes it can be difficult to address a subject and act. If you dare to talk to your parents about it would ask to accompany you to the doctor. The doctor may also not just dismiss such descriptions as here as a phase.

If you do not dare to talk with your parents you - prints you but the text here, or write him again clean in handwriting and please your parents (or the parent first in which you have more courage) about helping you. The list is actually only an aid if really nothing works with you, not a word comes out - in this case, give your parents the piece of paper and ask them to read about it and help you. A Knautschball or stuffed animal in hand can help reduce your stress while reading or conversation and hinder you from proceeding with the early withdrawal. After the letter was read, you should also talk again - here you can ask whether your parents but please come with you to the doctor and the same.

I wish you a lot of courage, you can do it!

You have a completely distorted perception and can see you just as fat. The truth is, as others see you, you're not what you but does not help. You need professional help. Go to an attentive related and then with him your parents. A good doctor will not devalue your problem as such and recognize your need. Whether it is done with the visit to a therapist if you need a stay in a clinic, the whole family is miteingebunden, is a joint decision of all parties. you're ready to help. There you go bad, so they starting position is the best, because without discernment nothing comes ran to you. let help you, you open and wear your problem no longer just with yourself around. you need a lot of power, you'll cry, but now no longer meaningless and even distressing, but on the way to a new beloved self.

In my opinion it is not fat if you are 1.64 meters tall and weighs 52 :)

But in any case I would talk about it with your parents. And do not let other runtermachen. The are mostly just jealous of your character, your appearance or your life. The photo shows the are you okay and not just ignore them so and then want to drag you down, but you need to. I know that is not easy, but be aware that not. When they see that you feel bad that have won, because then you're hard you your own life, and not that's what you want right?

In any case, you're not fat! Do not be pulling from the other down! I hope I have helped you a bit :)

Read it often times what is written here in the forum. I just say: welcome to the club. What you're describing now but nothing new. And if you were just a "little" attention, you would realize itself, in what direction you steer. To put it in one word:. ANOREXIA ... and before we have here still someone who is at least 100 follow-up questions like ... I eat today a slice of tomato, a cucumber and half a lettuce, this is too much etc .... only ONE Tip: Discuss this with your parents and go to the doctor.

I guess you chasing an ideal after. No way you're too fat. Embark not crazy and discuss this with a trusted person or with your best friend. A doctor would tell you everything is ok with you. Perhaps it is psychologically determined even!

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